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CA Final SFM Pendrive lectures New Course Video classes-CA-Final-Strategic Financial Management (SFM)- CA Ashish Kalra

CA Final SFM Pendrive lectures New Course Video classes

Best pendrive lectures & study material for CA Final SFM (Strategic Financial Management) with comprehensive Video lectures with study material and pocketbook for CA Final SFM New Syllabus by CA Ashish Kalra Sir

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Faculty: CA Ashish Kalra

  • Subject - Strategic Financial Management (SFM)
  • Category - Video Lectures



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About SFM

Strategic Financial Management (SFM) alludes to both financial facets along with the implications that follow for formulating various business strategies.

SFM is a practical paper of group one of the CA Final Course.

This subject of Strategic Financial Management is hence supremely crucial and an integral part of the CA Final Course and it is hence covered in quite a detailed and comprehensive manner, for the CA Final students.

About the Author

At IGP, CA Ashish Kalra Sir personally teaches the Paper 2 of Group 1 i.e. the subject of Strategic Financial Management, to all his CA Final students, both via Face to Face Classes and Virtual Classes (Pen drive/ Google drive/ Mobile App). 

Ashish Sir has an extremely unique and peculiar teaching methodology wherein he brings into use fictitious animated figurines, around which he develops a bizarre storyline and Sir then expects his students to dig out the underlying concepts. Therefore all the students of Ashish Sir are pulled on the edge of their seats, and Sir is not only able to obtain the attention of innumerable students but he also successfully plants all the convoluted concepts in the minds of all the budding CA Final aspirants.

Also our results speak for itself as countless students who have studied under the guidance of Ashish Sir, have time and again received an admirable 90+ or else an exemption in this practical and very scoring subject of SFM that helps CA Final students clear the entire group at once.

Ashish Sir is a fireball to witness in his CA Final Classes wherein he not only focuses on each and every student individually, but he also makes sure that his classes are extremely interactive and studying with him is an exciting, one of its kind experience to be relished for the CA students, who are otherwise overburdened with their laborious and fatiguing studies.

Also the study material provided by IGP is enough for a student to nail his CA Final Exams, albeit Ashish Sir still makes sure to cover all the questions from the Revision Test Papers and Mock Test Papers that are issued by the ICAI. 

Regularly attending all the classes with Ashish Sir is somewhat sufficient for a student to clear his exam, as Ashish Sir covers each and every topic and concept in an utmost thorough manner but Sir also insists his students in carrying a self-made revisionary and handy pocket book, elucidating all the labyrinth concepts, that a student can carry along and can review it anywhere, anytime, at his own leisure and lastly, it is pertinent to mention that the myriads of students who have bloomed under the nurturing wing of Ashish Sir have witnessed a positive result, in both their academic as well as their personal life.

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What you get?

Exclusively designed book for CA Final Strategic Financial Management (SFM), we ensure to thoroughly cover each and every concept in the most minuscule detail, and this further comes along with the solving of all the RTP's and questions from the Practice Manual

Pocketbook: Secret tool, that is the tiny Pocket Book, this alone works as the most powerful potion as it greatly assists students throughout their professional exams. Pocket Book is a teeny-tiny revisionary book with all the labyrinth concepts that a CA aspirant must quickly go through a day prior to the exams, or anytime on the go. it delineates all the detailed concepts that are of prime importance, especially for arduous subjects such as Strategic Financial Management. Pocket Book is a priced possession that even our qualified CA and students relish, so don't wait any further, and get your hands on your very

Stock Market Pocketbook: This handy book will provide the in-depth knowledge of the important concepts of Stock Market and also help you a lot in managing your or your organization’s investment portfolio. Again, this book is very helpful in both, you professional and personal life. It’s a priced possession and anyone who wants to learn the Stock Market Tips and tricks can have it.

Total 914 questions, 462 solved and 452 unsolved

Approx 176 hours of extensive coaching in 51 lectures

Query Solving: You can ask as many queries as you want to your hearts coneent and get answers of each of them thoroughly. This is an interactive course.

Why virtual classes

Virtual classes are indeed the need of the hour, especially in our rapidly evolving world. In today's times, virtual classes have clearly ousted the age old conventional classroom learning, and now its through virtual classes that a student feels much more comfortable as he can study at the leisure of his own house and can learn at his own pace, so buckle up your seatbelts and come join our most sublime, one of its kind online CA course.

Duration 176 Hours
Video Language Hindi
Course Material Language English
Topics Covered SFM, New Course
Total number of Lectures 51
Exam Attempt / Applicable for May 23/Nov 23
Amendments If any, will be provided separately
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