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CA Final SCMPE Pendrive lectures New Course Video classes-CA-Final-Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation (SCM PE)- CA Ashish Kalra

CA Final SCMPE Pendrive lectures New Course Video classes

Best pendrive lectures & study material for CA Final SCMPE - Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation with comprehensive Video lectures & study material for CA Final New Syllabus by CA Ashish Kalra Sir

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Faculty: CA Ashish Kalra

  • Subject - Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation (SCM PE)
  • Category - Video Lectures



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About SCM & PE

Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation is Paper 5 of the CA Final Course and it's quite a mind-boggling subject per se, to be dealt with.

SCM is a practical as well as a theoretical balanced subject. 

This subject of Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation (SCMPE) is hence supremely crucial and an integral part of the CA Final Course and it is hence covered in quite a detailed and comprehensive manner, for the CA Final students.

About the Author

CA Ashish Kalra at IGP Institute started teaching this perplexing and tricky subject as he was being persistently compelled to do so, by his loving students who were keen to study from Ashish Sir, and for this reason, Sir especially undertook some short courses from the highly renowned and prestigious IIM Ahmedabad, prior to the commencement of teaching this subject at IGP, so as to ensure that he delivers the most sublime and fine guidance to his students, even in this highly baffling subject.

Also Ashish Sir has the most uber cool and highly appreciative teaching methodology wherein he makes sure to primarily catch the eye of all his students, and Sir does so by using unconventional and quirky animated characters, that arouse the curiosity of all his students.

Ashish Sir constructs a labyrinth fable around these animated characters, that hence helps him light a fire in the naive minds of his CA students, who are then pushed to find the central, elementary concept that Sir meticulously conceals in his narratives and these narratives stay forever in the minds of his students, who are able to practically link the concept with the fable, not only in their academic life but also in their professional life.

Ashish Sir therefore makes all his CA Classes extremely interactive wherein he ensures active participation of myriads of students and he urges them all to put forth their doubts that he addresses time and again, besides he also covers all the minuscule concepts in an extreme comprehensive manner.

It is also pertinent to mention that after timely completion of the syllabus, Ashish Sir holds multiple revision sessions for each of the chapter and he then covers the questions from the Revision Test Papers and Mock Test Papers by the ICAI, albeit the study material that is provided by IGP to all its students, is designed in such a detailed manner, studying which a student can easily nail the exam and he need not to refer to any other course material.

At IGP, our students have repeatedly broken all prior records and we have successfully set a benchmark in attaining professional excellence. We at IGP, assisted our students in clearing the arduous CA exams, in which our students have received the most sublime marks along with clear exemptions that further helps a student nail the entire wide-ranging CA Group at once. 

Ashish Sir undoubtedly makes all his CA classes a rather fun and joyous experience for all his students to relish, and by right guidance, he fosters supreme excelling capability in each of his student, most of whom have now attained great professional heights.

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What you get?

Two books (Volume I and II) extensively covering all the concepts of all the chapters including all past year papers, RTPs and questions of Practice Manual.

Total 837 questions, 291 solved and 546 unsolved

Bonus: Discussion of all solved questions in Volume I & II as an added advantage. 

Query Solving: You can ask as many queries as you want to your heart’s content and get answers of each of them thoroughly. This is an interactive course.

Why virtual classes

In today's rapidly evolving world, the eclectic virtual classes have clearly overshadowed all other traditional means of education and it is through virtual classes that a student now feels much more comfortable with a unique, personalized learning experience wherein a student can relish his studies whilst learning at his own pace.

Duration 294 Hours
Video Language Hindi
Course Material Language English
Study Material Include 2 Printed Books (Vol-1 and Vol-2 Practical)
Topics Covered SCM PE New Course
Total number of Lectures 92-95 Lectures
Exams CA FINAL (New Syllabus)
Exam Attempt / Applicable for May 23
Amendments If any, will be provided separately