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CA Inter Taxation Exam-Oriented Fast-Track Batch -CA-INTER-Taxation (Income Tax + GST)- CA Vijender Aggarwal

CA Inter Taxation Exam-Oriented Fast-Track Batch

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Faculty: CA Vijender Aggarwal

  • Subject - Taxation (Income Tax + GST)
  • Category - Video Lectures



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Important Note: Exam-Oriented Fast-Track Batch Is Suitable For Only Those Students Who Have Studied Taxation Previously On Their Own Or From Any Other Faculty. Exam-Oriented Fast-Track Batch Is NOT SUITABLE FOR STUDENTS WHO ARE STUDYING TAXATION FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Number Of Classes 22 (Income Tax) 15 (GST)
Duration 85-90 Hours (Income Tax) 55-60 Hours (GST)
Days Monday To Saturday
Timings Income Tax From 17th Jan 2023 To 10th Feb 2023 {12 Noon To 4 PM}
Timings GST From 12th Feb 2023 To 28th Feb 2023 {7:30 AM To 11:00 AM}
Study Material 2 Modules Of Income Tax (Provisions Book (+) Question Bank) (+) 1 GST Book (+) 1 Summary Booklet
Amendments All Amendments Applicable For May 2024 Exams To Be Incorporated
Validity 6 Months