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CMA Inter Costing-CMA-Inter-Cost Management Accounting (CMA)- CA Ashish Kalra

CMA Inter Costing

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Faculty: CA Ashish Kalra

  • Subject - Cost Management Accounting (CMA)
  • Category - Video Lectures



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Duration 133 Hours
Video Language Hindi
Course Material Language English
Study Material Include 2 Books (Vol-1 and Vol-2) , 1 Revisionary Pocket Book CMA, Additional Handout & 1 MCQs Book
Topics Covered CMA
Total number of Lectures 73
Exams CMA Inter
Exam Attempt / Applicable for May/November, 2021
Amendments If any, will be provided separately
View Demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6xmXWl_pME