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-CA-INTER-Cost Management Accounting (CMA) - CA Ashish Kalra

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Faculty: CA Ashish Kalra
CA Vijender Aggarwal

  • Subject - Cost Management Accounting (CMA)
    Taxation (Income Tax + GST)
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About CMA

Cost and Management Accounting(CMA) is unquestionably one of the most important multidisciplinary subject in the CA course curriculum that tremendously helps a CA in his professional life.

Cost and Management Accounting(CMA)is a practical paper and not only is it extremely scoring per se, it also helps a CA Intermediate student clear the entire group and thereby secure an AIR easily.

A student however does require thorough in-depth guidance of a highly learned teacher for studying this eclectic subject of Cost and Management Accounting(CMA).

About the Author

At IGP Institute, CA Ashish Kalra Sir himself teaches Paper3 of CA Intermediate i.e. Cost and Management Accounting wherein he makes sure to meticulously cover all the labyrinth and rather perplexing concepts in extreme depth and it is pertinent to mention that many of his students have time and again secured the most sublime and awe-inspiring result in this highly scoring subject and also in CA Exams, in general. 

One of his students recently received a perfect 100 in the Cost and Management Accounting paper, i.e. a part of the CA Intermediate exams, which were held in November 2018.

We also know that preparing for such onerous exams can be undoubtedly enervating as well as extremely daunting but studying with Ashish Sir and thereafter nailing the exam is a breeze for students as Ashish Sir teaches each concept with unparalleled enthusiasm and he adopts extreme innovative techniques wherein he even uses whimsical animated figurines that is also accompanied with never heard before, unique stories for catching the attention of all his students, and each engrossing narrative of Ashish Sir has an underline academic concept that a student is therefore able to easily grasp and retain.

Ashish Sir is an absolute powerhouse to witness while he teaches his young CA aspirants and studying under his nurturing wing is a true delightful experience to relish. His teaching methodology is thoroughly unique and one of a kind, and Sir also makes sure to cover not only the past attempt question papers, but he also helps students solve each and every question from the diverse Revision Test Papers and Mock Test Papers that are issued from time to time by the ICAI and lastly, the magnificent results of our students speaks for itself

Enrol today and join the community of 200000+ successful students that have studied from Ashish Kalra Sir

What you get?

Two books (Part 1 and Part2) extensively covering all the concepts of all the chapters including all past year papers, RTPs and questions of Practice Manual.

Pocket Book: This pocketbook will take you through the exams and help you a lot in your student life as it acts as a revisionary book for revising all the concepts of the subject in a very less amount of time like  for the last moment revision - a day before the exam. Also, it will help you during your professional career to refresh your knowledge of the concepts of Cost and Management Accounting which you can revisit anytime in the future. It’s a gift that you can treasure a lifetime as a student and professional, both.

Total 711 questions, 453 solved and 258 unsolved

Approx 180 hours of extensive coaching in 76 lectures

Bonus: Discussion of all solved questions of all chapters as an added advantage.

Query Solving: You can ask as many queries as you want and get answers of each of them thoroughly. This is an interactive course.

Why virtual classes

In today's rapidly evolving world, the eclectic virtual classes have clearly overshadowed all other traditional means of education and it is through virtual classes that a student now feels much more comfortable with a unique, personalized learning experience wherein a student can relish his studies whilst learning at his own pace.

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Product 1CA Inter: CMA
Duration 135 Hours
Video Language Hindi
Course Material Language English
Study Material Include 2 Books (Vol-1 and Vol-2) , 1 Revisionary Pocket Book CMA
Topics Covered CMA
Total number of Lectures 76
Exams CA Inter
Exam Attempt / Applicable for November' 2020
Amendments If any, will be provided separately
View Demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6xmXWl_pME
Product 2CA Inter, New Course Taxation (Income Tax + GST)
Duration 189 Income Tax, 75 GST
Video Language Hindi / English Mix
Study Material Language English
Study Material Include 2 Books of Income Tax + 1 Book of GST (Including Additional Supplement) + 1 MCQs Booklet
Topics Covered Taxation
Total number of Lectures 105 (76 Income Tax, 29 GST)
Exam Attempt / Applicable for November onwards
Amendments If any, will be provided separately
View Demo https://drive.google.com/open?id=1N0M_HAtRdbIXmMwMc4OG-gs2E9nFP9F5 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1