The CA Intermediate syllabus was revised from May 2018 attempt when the syllabus at other levels of CA also changed. In the CA Intermediate level, earlier there was a paper named Cost and Management Accounting and Financial Management, shortly called, CMA and FM, in the new course it was divided into 2 papers: Paper 3: Cost and Management Accounting and Paper 8: Financial Management and Economics for Finance. Economics was added to Financial Management because they go hand – in – hand. Economics include Macroeconomics, which develops the theories of Economics in the context of Finance and helps students acquire the ability to address application – oriented issues. 

CA Inter FM and Economics is a very interesting subject and its knowledge is necessary to form a base for the Strategic Financial Management, which is there at the CA Final level. Economics helps you understand the basic problems in the country and how to address them. Financial Management consists of 60 Marks and Economics for Finance consists of 40 Marks.

The syllabus of CA Inter FM includes 10 chapters:

  1. Scope and Objectives of FM
  2. Types of Financing
  3. Ratio Analysis
  4. Cost of Capital
  5. Capital Structure
  6. Leverages
  7. Capital Budgeting
  8. Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting
  9. Dividend Decisions
  10. Working Capital Management

The syllabus of Economics contains 4 Chapters:

  1. Determination of National Income
  2. Public Finance
  3. Money Market
  4. International Trade

The FM and Economics classes are taken by many teachers in Face – to – face mode. However, Google Drive, Pen Drive and Live classes are popular nowadays because of the pandemic and the lockdown situation. The CA Inter FM Pendrive Classes are the most popular because – 

  1. In pen drive classes you don’t need internet, unlike Live classes (where you need internet to watch the whole class) and Google Drive Classes (where you need internet to download the lectures which are very huge in size).
  2. In Pen Drive classes, you get a pen drive free, which you can use for personal use after the classes expire. Till they expire, you should keep them in Pen Drive as a backup after copying it to your computer.
  3. In Pen Drive, you get all the lectures beforehand. You don’t have to wait for the lectures to be uploaded like in Google Drive or to be conducted Live. 
  4. CA Inter FM Pendrive Classes, you can see the classes as per your own convenience by adjusting the speed and by pausing and playing as per your choice.
  5. In CA Inter FM Pendrive Classes, you usually get more than 1 view. This helps you in revising the entire syllabus properly.
  6. Many students consider Economics as difficult to learn as it contains a lot of theory. They can watch the revision done in the starting of each class again and again to revise the concepts really well.
  7. Pen Drive classes can be seen at any time of the day but it is advised to watch these classes at a particular time everyday so that your routine is followed.
  8. Pen Drive classes are easy to handle and use than the Google Drive and live classes because in pen drive classes, you just have to copy all contents and then start watching after activating the product. However, in GD Classes you need to first download then copy paste in relevant folder and then find it in your lectures, etc.
  9. CA Inter FM Pendrive Classes also allow you to add tags which help you see a particular portion of any video again as they are saved in a different dialog box when you tag the. This helps in understanding the complicated topics again. 
  10. There is no hustle and bustle of the class, which helps in grasping the topics faster.
  11. Recorded lectures for discussion of homework saves a lot of your time as you only need to see those homework questions in which you were stuck.
  12. Recorded test discussions are also helpful at exam time.
  13. It is accessible at any place of the country hence, the students from remote locations also get a chance to study from top faculty.
  14. In the times of Pandemic, it is very helpful as it maintains social distancing and can be easily seen from home.

The above benefits of CA Inter FM Pendrive Classes can also be enjoyed by you if you take the classes from the right place where all these features are available, along with a knowledgeable and experienced faculty. Choose the right faculty and the right classes and start your preparation because:

“Only if you save your time, your time will save you.”

All the best!!!

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