How Difficult to Pass CA Foundation Law? 2024 Exams

How Difficult to Pass CA Foundation Law 2024 Exams

How Difficult to Pass CA Foundation Law? 2024 Exams

Business and profession helps an economy to grow, thus creating ways to enable a better lifestyle for the people of the society.

Law forms the basis which helps to connect the business and profession with the society. Law is essential and guides us to create rules and regulations which help to resolve conflicts. 

A CA student studies law to understand the legal framework which governs the business and its transactions.

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The objective of the Paper 2 under CA Foundation- Business Laws, is to make the CA students aware about the legal backgrounds and frameworks that govern a business and its environment.

Importance of Business Law in CA Foundation

Base for Next Level

The Chartered Accountancy profession is about being a pillar in the growth of an economy. As a Chartered Accountant, the individual should be aware about the business, its organization and the legal framework. Study of law in CA Foundation provides a strong foundation of growth for a CA student.

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Aggregate Marks Required

The CA examinations can be challenging as each subject has an individual passing criteria as well as all the subjects taken together have an aggregate passing marks requirement. Business Laws subject, if studied under proper guidance of an expert faculty can act as a high scoring subject and help the CA student to score good marks and score a high aggregate in the CA Foundation examinations.  

To Understand Business Activities

A business and its environment is governed by legal frameworks. Every business transaction is done after considering the rules and regulations in place. Hence, in order to understand the business and its activities, it is crucial to understand the different business laws which govern the business. 

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Ways to Make CA Foundation Business Law Easy

Choose the Correct Coaching Faculty

Business Laws forms the basis for any business, hence, it is critical to understand different business laws. An expert faculty always helps the CA students to get a clear and deeper understanding of each law and also shares tips and techniques to retain these laws. At IGP institute, the faculty uses practical examples so that the CA students are able to understand and retain different laws. 

Complete Syllabus on Time

To clear the CA examination in the first attempt, revision plays a critical role. It is advised to revise the entire syllabus minimum three times before the CA examination which makes it important to complete the entire syllabus well before time. At IGP institute, the focus is to complete the syllabus well in time and also help the CA student in revision. 

Make Proper Notes

Law is a critical subject. Even though the subject has practical orientation, the subject is theory based. This makes it important to make proper notes while studying the subject. At IGP institute, we focus on making proper and effective notes emphasizing on all the important topics. These notes help the CA students at the time of revision and helps them to score good marks and clear the CA Foundation examination in their first attempt.

Revision Sessions

Revision plays the most important role while preparing for CA examinations. It is advised to revise a minimum three times before the CA examinations. At IGP institute, we allocate specific time for revision and schedule revision sessions for the CA students. We also schedule mock tests which help the CA students to analyze their level of preparation and perform better during the actual CA examinations.

Consistent Study Plan

To clear the CA Foundation examinations in the first attempt it is important to make an effective study plan. At IGP institute, our faculties are experienced and they not only help the CA students to prepare for the CA Foundation examination but also guide them to make an effective study plan which suits them best. An effective study plan is the key to clear the CA Foundation examinations in the first attempt.

Practice for Best

Business Laws examination is a theory based examination. A CA student should practice writing the answers to clear the examination with maximum marks. At IGP institute, we conduct specific writing sessions which helps the CA students to understand how to write the answers and prepare them to face the challenging CA examinations. 

Join Test Series

Test series and mock tests conducted before the actual CA examinations helps the CA students to analyze their level of preparation and areas of improvements and also enables a CA student to practice writing the answers. At IGP institute, regular test series and mock tests are conducted which helps the CA students to evaluate their preparation level and be better prepared to face the actual CA examinations. 

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What are some tips to learn CA Foundation Law?

CA Foundation Business Laws examination is an interesting subject. Studying the same under an expert faculty helps the CA students to gain a better understanding of all the laws. While preparing for the CA Foundation Business Laws examination, it is pertinent that the CA student:

  • Revise the topics covered in the class daily, 
  • Prepare an effective study plan under the mentorship of the faculty and follow that study plan efficiently, 
  • Make proper notes from the start and clearly mention all the important laws and dates, 
  • Participate in the class test and test series conducted at the IGP institute,
  • Practice writing the answers on a regular basis.

Is law a difficult subject in CA Foundation?

No, if a CA student follows the above plan entirely and with focus,  Business Laws examination under CA Foundation can become one of the high scoring subjects helping the CA student to clear the CA Foundation examination in the first attempt. The knowledge gained during the CA Foundation also helps the CA student in the next level of examinations.

Should I start making notes from the start for CA Foundation Law?

Yes, preparing notes while studying for the Paper 2- Business Laws of CA Foundation helps the CA students to revise well. It is important to prepare notes from the start. CA students should prepare clear and neat notes mentioning the important laws and relevant dates and years.

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