How the Best Classes Help to Pass CA Foundation Exam?

How the Best Classes Help to Pass CA Foundation Exam

How the Best Classes Help to Pass CA Foundation Exam?

CA Foundation coaching classes help CA students to get a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Before choosing the CA foundation classes, the CA student should consider a few points and then select the CA coaching institute.

The CA student should see the past trend of results given by the coaching institute, this will help the CA student to understand the passing percentage of the students who study from the respective CA coaching institute. IGP Institute has been consistent in delivering good results, multiple students from our institute have secured ranks and scored exemptions in CA examinations. IGP Institute is the best institute for CA coaching classes.

Factors to Choose the Best CA Foundation Classes

Result Percentage of Last Exam Attempt

At IGP Institute we are result-oriented and have consistently delivered good results since the beginning. In the last attempt, more than 80% of students who studied at the IGP Institute were able to clear the CA examinations.

Faculty Experience in Teaching CA

The more experienced faculties are able to share unique tips and techniques that help the students clear the CA examinations. The experienced faculties also share examples which helps the students to understand difficult topics easily.

All Subjects in One Place

Best CA Foundation coaching institute gives the CA students the opportunity to study all the subjects under one roof. At IGP Institute, we have experienced faculties for all the CA Foundation subjects which makes it convenient for the students and helps them to focus on their studies.

CA Inter Classes Batch Start

Online & Offline Classes Availability

At IGP Institute we give both benefits to the students. The CA students have the option to either choose offline batches or online batches. The CA students have the option to select the batches as per their convenience and time availability.

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Regular Test Series

At IGP Institute we conduct regular assessments after each topic is completed. This helps the CA students to deeply understand each topic and also helps them to evaluate their performance and analyze their weak topics before the actual CA examinations. Early analysis helps the CA students to improve and perform better during the actual CA examinations.

Mock Tests Series

At IGP Institute we conduct mock test series before the actual CA examinations. The mock tests are conducted in similar fashion as actual CA examinations. This helps the students to understand and handle the exam pressure and be prepared to face the actual CA examinations. Regular seminars are also organized for the CA students where tips and techniques are shared about how to handle exam pressure and face the CA examinations.

Course Books Availability

The course books are shared with the students after they enroll for the batches. The books are couriered to the students who enroll for the online batches.

On-Time Course Completion

At IGP Institute all the faculties aim to complete the syllabus on time and make sure that after course completion adequate time is available with the students to revise the subject. Multiple students from IGP have scored exemptions and secured ranks in CA examination.

Revision Classes

Revision is the most important aspect of CA examinations. At IGP Institute, the faculties make sure that the students are given appropriate time to revise the subject before CA examinations. The faculties also share tips and techniques about how to revise for the CA examinations.

Best Coaching Classes for CA Foundation

CA Rohit Sethi for Accounting Classes

CA Rohit Sethi is the best faculty for CA Foundation accounting. Sir has more than 18 years of teaching experience. His classes are interactive and he uses easy examples to explain the concepts to CA students. He helps the students to understand all the concepts through different examples and he also shares tools and techniques with the students to help them retain all the concepts which also helps them in their professional journey.

Features of CA Foundation Accounting Classes:

  • Easy to understand techniques
  • Interactive
  • Regular tests after each chapter/concept
  • Mentorship to face the CA Foundation examination
  • Regular doubt solving sessions

Mr. Rishabh Gaur for Business Law Classes

Mr. Rishabh Gaur is the best faculty for CA Foundation Business Law. Sir has an experience of more than 14 years. His way of teaching is unique and he befriends the students easily. He includes humor and wit in his class which help students retain different laws and also understand their applicability. This helps the students to score good marks in examination.

Features of CA Foundation Business Law Classes:

  • Explanation through examples
  • Guidance to write answers with proper presentation
  • Writing practice in class to improve presentation of answers
  • Regular assessments after each chapter / concept
  • Interactive classes
  • Guidance to clear the CA Foundation business law examination
  • Regular doubt solving sessions 

Mr. Omveer Singh for Quantitative Aptitude Classes

Mr. Omveer Singh is the best faculty for CA Foundation Quantitative Aptitude. Sir has a teaching experience of more than 20 years. Sir shares relevant tools, techniques and methods with the CA students which help them solve the questions in less time and complete the examination within the scheduled time.

Features of CA Foundation Quantitative Aptitude Classes:

  • Simple explanation for every concept
  • Short-cut tricks and tools and techniques to solve the questions in less time
  • Regular assessments after each concept
  • Regular doubt solving sessions 
  • Mentorship throughout the CA examination

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CA Akansha Arora for Business Economics Classes

CA Akansha Arora is the best faculty for CA Foundation business economics classes with more than 12 years of teaching experience. With her vast teaching experience she helps the students to understand the subject with easy and relatable examples making it easy for the students to understand the subject.

Features of CA Foundation Business Economics Classes:

  • Examples to understand the concepts
  • Regular doubt solving sessions
  • Regular tests after each concept
  • Guidance to face CA examinations
  • Important question practice during the class

Importance of CA Foundation in CA Course

Entrance Test

CA Foundation examination is the first level examination in the CA journey. This first level examination includes 4 papers which helps the student in understanding the business environment and scenarios.

Base for CA Course

The CA Foundation examination forms the basis of the entire CA course and examination. CA Foundation sets up the base for all the upcoming examinations for a CA student. 

Helps to Re-evaluate Student’s Interests

The CA Foundation examination helps the CA students to understand their interest in the profession. As this level helps the student to understand the business scenarios and environment, the student is able to decide at an early stage about their interest and make a decision.

Time Management Importance

The journey to become a CA teaches many things to a student and one of the most important skills a student learns is time management. Learning the art of time management helps the CA student to be effective and efficient within the given time.

Experience for New Student Culture

A CA student gets an opportunity to interact with people from across India and experience their culture. The professional journey to become a CA gives the student an opportunity to learn and grow not only professionally but also as an individual.

Enhance the Power of Analysis

The journey to become a CA helps the student to enhance their analytical mind and skills. The CA students inculcate the power to observe and analyze critical situations and derive solutions.

Why Choose the Best CA Foundation Coaching Classes?

Easy Learning

CA Foundation coaching classes at IGP Institute help the students to learn and understand all the topics easily. The experienced faculties help the students by sharing relevant tools and techniques which helps the CA students to clear the CA examinations.

Understand Basics of Subject

At IGP CA Foundation coaching classes the students are able to understand the basic concepts clearly. When the concepts are clear the CA students are able to perform better and score well in the CA Foundation examinations. Clarity in each concept helps the students to understand the entire subject and be confident while facing the CA examination.

Tests and Practice

At IGP CA Foundation coaching classes, regular assessments and tests are conducted. These tests help the students to evaluate their understanding of the topic and focus on their weaker areas. As the CA students keep on revising the topics for the assessments conducted at IGP Institute, this helps them to prepare for the actual CA examination.

Tips and Tricks for Exams

At IGP Institute all our faculties are experienced and with their vast experience and knowledge they have developed various tools and techniques which the students can use and excel in the CA examination. The faculties also share tips and tricks to face the CA examination and score exemptions and secure rank in the CA examination. 

Guidance for Course Updates

At IGP Institute the faculties share all the course updates with the students. The entire course coverage is done as per the recent updates that will be asked in the upcoming CA examination. 

Revision Classes

Revision is one of the most important aspects while preparing for CA examination. At IGP Institute, we understand the importance of revision and we focus on revision classes equally. All the important concepts and questions are revised during the revisionary classes which helps the students  to face the CA examinations.

Problem Solving Lectures

At IGP Institute we have regular query resolving sessions. These sessions are conducted regularly so that any query that the student has is resolved at an early stage and the student is able to move forward with clarity and better understanding. 

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Is it good to buy online classes for CA Foundation?

Yes, online classes offer a lot of options to the CA students. In online classes the student has the option to study from the comfort of their home without the need to relocate to a new place. This also saves a lot of time and money. 

Do I need to pass CA Foundation, if I am a graduate?

CA foundation level examination is exempt if a student is a graduate/ post graduate. A graduate/ post graduate can use the Direct Entry Route and start with their CA journey. However, there is a minimum percentage requirement to utilize this exemption. A commerce graduate / post graduate can claim the exemption if he/she has a minimum percentage of 55% and a non commerce graduate/ post graduate can claim this exemption if he/she has a minimum percentage of 60%.

How tough is the CA Foundation to pass?

A student who is consistent with their studies and practices the questions daily can clear the CA Foundation level examination easily. Consistent studies with focus is required to clear the CA Foundation level examination. 

Can I enroll in CA Foundation after 1st year of graduation?

Yes, a student is eligible to register/ enroll for the CA course after passing Class X examination. A student is eligible to appear in CA Foundation examination only after completing a study period of 4 months and after appearing in Class XII examination. So, if you are pursuing your graduation and are in 1st year then you can register and appear in CA Foundation examination after completing a study period of 4 months. 

A graduation student also has the option to choose the Direct Entry Route after completing their graduation and scoring the minimum required percentage in graduation. 

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