Quantitative Aptitude CA Foundation Course for 2024 Exam

Quantitative Aptitude CA Foundation Course for 2024 Exam

Quantitative Aptitude CA Foundation Course for 2024 Exam

As per the ICAI’s new scheme of training and education, Paper 3 in the CA Foundation is of Quantitative Aptitude. The exam is of 100 marks divided into 3 parts as follows:

  • Part A: Business Mathematics- 40 marks
  • Part B: Logical Reasoning- 20 marks
  • Part C: Statistics- 40 marks

The objective of this examination is to enable the CA students to develop logical reasoning and to help them understand basic mathematical tools and statistical tools. These understanding will help them in their professional journey and they will be able to apply these understandings in financial situations.

At IGP Institute, the faculty for CA Foundation Quantitative Aptitude exam holds an experience of more than 20 years. CA Foundation November 2023 attempt Delhi topper is a student of the IGP institute who scored 100 marks in Quantitative Aptitude under the guidance of Omveer Singh Sir.

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Is the CA Foundation Quantitative Aptitude Exam Tough?

Quantitative Aptitude is one of the scoring subjects in CA Foundation. If a CA student scores well in the Quantitative Aptitude exam then this will help the student in scoring good marks in CA Foundation. If a CA student practices the questions daily using all the fast question-solving techniques taught in the class and is consistent in studying this subject daily then the CA student can easily score good marks in the Quantitative Aptitude examination.

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Business Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus 2024 by ICAI

Chapter NumberChapter Name
Part A: Business Mathematics (40 marks):
Chapter 1Ratio and Proportion, Indices, Logarithms
Chapter 2Equations
Chapter 3Linear Inequalities
Chapter 4Mathematics of Finance
Chapter 5Permutations and Combinations
Chapter 6Sequence and Series
Chapter 7Sets, Relations, and Functions. Basics of limits and continuity functions.
Chapter 8Basic applications of differential and integral calculus in business and economics (excluding the trigonometric applications)
Part B: Logical Reasoning (20 marks)
Chapter 9Number series coding and decoding and odd man out
Chapter 10Direction Tests
Chapter 11Seating Arrangements
Chapter 12Blood Relations
Part C: Statistics (40 marks)
Chapter 13Unit 1: Statistical Representation of Data Unit 2: Sampling
Chapter 14Measures of central tendency and dispersion
Chapter 15Probability
Chapter 16Theoretical distributions
Chapter 17Correlation and Regression
Chapter 18 Index Numbers

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Preparation Tips for CA Foundation Quantitative Aptitude

Choose the Best Faculty

While preparing for CA Foundation examination, it is very important that the CA student gets the right guidance to prepare for the CA examinations.

A faculty who has delivered good results in the past is the best choice for CA students. At IGP Institute, the faculty holds an experience of more than 20 years, and multiple students have secured ranks and scored exemptions in the CA examinations.

Make Schedule for Preparation

A schedule helps the CA student to keep track of time and the syllabus covered. A proper schedule should also include proper time for revision and mock tests.

A proper revision helps the CA student to be fully prepared for the CA examinations. Quantitative Aptitude is a scoring subject and scoring good marks in this examination will also help you in scoring good marks in CA Foundation.

Complete Syllabus on Time

The study plan for CA examinations should ensure that the entire syllabus is completed well before time and there is enough time for minimum of three revisions and for mock tests.

When the student opts for online coaching at IGP Institute for CA examinations, the faculties ensure that the entire syllabus is completed well before time and all the queries of the students are also resolved. This helps the student to revise the entire syllabus and be prepared to face the CA examinations.

Take Revision and Problem-Solving Classes

A CA student should make sure that there is enough time to revise the entire syllabus a minimum of thrice before the examination. A CA student should make sure that all the doubts are resolved so that the student is able to understand all the concepts deeply.

At IGP Institute for CA Foundation, there are revisionary batches that help the students revise the entire syllabus effectively. Also, at IGP we offer dedicated doubt-solving sessions during the class and after the class through WhatsApp. IGP Institute also conducts various seminars to mentor and guide CA students through their examinations and their entire CA journey.

Regular and Mock Test

It is very important to keep taking regular tests by the CA students so that they are able to evaluate their understanding of the subject. At IGP Institute, regular tests are conducted during the course completion which helps the students to understand each chapter deeply.

Also at IGP Institute mock tests are conducted after the completion of the entire subject. Mock tests help the CA students assess their understanding of the subject and give them time to evaluate and prepare better for the actual CA examination.

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Online Live Classes for CA Foundation Quantitative Aptitude

Best Faculty

When a CA student opts for online classes for CA Foundation, the CA student has the opportunity to select the best faculty from across India and study from them. The best faculty for any subject can be assessed based on the past results delivered by the faculty.

Course Guidance

When a CA student opts for online classes for CA Foundation, the faculties not only guide the students about the course content but also share tips, techniques, and examples to understand the topics deeply and apply the knowledge during exams and professional journeys.

At IGP institute all the faculties are experienced and they share unique techniques with the students which help them secure ranks and score exemptions in CA examinations.

Complete Course Coverage

While choosing the online classes for CA Foundation, it is very important to see the course that is covered by the faculties. At IGP Institute, all the faculties make sure to complete the entire course required for the CA examinations and they also include all the recent updates and changes that are applicable for the upcoming CA examination.

Easy to Join

Online classes offer the opportunity to students to study from the comfort of their homes. The students can create a suitable environment in their homes and focus entirely on their studies. Also, it is very easy to join online classes.

The students have to open the IGP website select the batches they want to enroll in and proceed to complete the final formalities. At IGP Institute we also have a dedicated team that guides the CA student to go through the entire process easily.

Cost Saving

Online classes are cost efficient and economical as compared to physical classes. The CA students can save on relocation and travel expenses and also save time and focus entirely on their studies.

Books and Notes

The books and notes are shared with the students after they enroll in the classes. IGP Institute provides books to all the enrolled students (online batch and face to face batch). The books are couriered to the students of the online batch after they enroll in the classes.


Is it good to join CA Foundation Quantitative Aptitude classes only?

CA Foundation classes help the students to understand the topic completely and in a better manner. Online classes help the student to get a comprehensive understanding of the subjects and also understand the techniques and tools that can be used during the CA examination.

Can I complete all CA Foundation classes online?

Yes, at IGP Institute, classes for all the subjects are available online. At IGP Institute we focus towards helping the student and creating a better environment for the students to study and grow. All the faculties at the IGP institute are experienced and guide the students with tools and techniques required during CA examinations.

Which coaching is best for CA Foundation Quantitative Aptitude classes?

IGP Institute is the best institute for online classes for CA Foundation examination. Omveer Singh Sir has more than 20 years of teaching experience and he is one of the best faculty for CA Foundation Quantitative Aptitude.

With his experience and knowledge, he has created a lot of techniques and fast question solving methods to attempt the MCQ based questions within time.

He teaches these tools and techniques in his class which helps the CA students to easily attempt the questions in less time and complete the exam within time. These tools and techniques play a crucial role in scoring good marks in CA Foundation Quantitative Aptitude.

His teaching techniques have helped students to score 100 marks in Quantitative Aptitude.

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